Saturday, October 22, 2005


Yes, it's 2 in the a.m. and I'm awake (not quite awake, just awake) and working on the new issue of AG. Things are coming together, though there's still a lot of content to get ready. I haven't even written my editorial or my portion of the cover story (which is an update on all the major venues in the city, split between myself, Noah and Patrick) yet.

What have I been doing? Creating ads. Clark's been busting his ass getting people involved in the mag, which is pretty great. Since Tuesday, when I officially found the new printer, we've had to expand from 8 pages to 12, then to 16, then to 20. 20's going to be the magic, final number because I don't think I can find enough hours to add another four. The cool thing is that a good portion of these ads is new advertisers just joining up, which is nice.

We're probably about where we were with a 32 page edition of the old size, maybe a tad less. It's a lot of work, but I'm glad to have it. Today, after I worked the dayjob for a few hours, I bought a new printer/scanner (I realized yesterday, halfway through a conversation with Clark where he handed over the materials I needed to scan to create these ads, that my old printer/scanner had bitten the dust in the flood), got back to my parents' around 2:30 and started work. Patrick came over around 3 and we worked on some design and a story he'd written (a really good look at the artwork of Allen Jaeger and Vance Kelly, two prominent gig poster artists in the city), then finished the cover layout while on the phone with Noah.

We worked until 8, when we took a dinner break and watched a bit of the LSU game and the World Series. Patrick left around 9 and I started scanning and Photoshopping. I'm almost done, with only two more ads to create.

Back to work.
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