Friday, October 21, 2005


I decided yesterday that the cover of next week's AG will be a collage of photos of the local venues with the tagline "Down But Not Out." Simple enough. I picked up Patrick Strange and we drove around, shooting photos of the Maple Leaf, TwiRoPa, the Howlin' Wolf, Tipitina's, House of Blues, and One Eyed Jacks.

In the afternoon we met up with Clark (of the vintage clothing store PInkie and Blue Boy) and Jarret (of Handsome Willy's) at Molly's for Guinness. It made me loopy for awhile, but nice nonetheless. Clark's helping with advertising, and quite honestly we're getting a bit more than I expected. Enough that we'll have to add a few pages and instead of 8 we'll probably sit at 12.

After I dropped Patrick at his house Uptown, I snapped some more photos, hung out with Brian at the Landmark Theatre for about forty-five minutes, stopped at Circle Bar for a few and talked to Lefty and Luke from Happy Talk Band, then stopped at Slice, had an Abita Amber and talked to the owner and a few other people, then came back to the Westbank.

Only to find the specs I've been using to design over the past two days are wrong, so I need to call the printer in a bit and get the exact size I'm supposed to be working with. I'd only completely finished one page, but it means I need to go back and tweak some of the ad sizes. Fun fun.

I finally passed out around 10:30, and now it's time to work again, since all our files have to be at the printer on Monday.

You'd think this would be stressful, but it's actually pretty fun.
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