Friday, October 21, 2005


Went back to work yesterday for the first time since the Thursday before Katrina. Of the three disabled people I work with, only one, Kenny, the half-paralyzed guy, is home. I picked him up and we ate lunch at the Borders cafe. The four of us hung out at Borders quite a bit, so it was kind of nice to be back and freely flip through magazines I had no intention of buying.

I only worked for about an hour and a half, though, because I had a 1 p.m. appointment with a FEMA adjustor, of all people. I stopped at my landlord's place to pick up a copy of our lease (because our copy'd been flooded out), and after that headed to the old house.

I wish I had a better understanding of whatever the hell it is that FEMA does, but I don't. The guy measure the house, measured the waterline, and asked me a few general questions about what I had in the house. He looked at my before and after photos, plugged it all into a computer and said I should hear something in seven to ten days. Which probably means two to three months, but whatever.

After FEMA it was time to work on AG some more.
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