Thursday, December 01, 2005

Two days in a row. Hoowah!

AG Vol.3 #2 won't be ready until noon on Friday, which means we'll simply be on time instead of early (looking back to four months ago, it really did make sense to have this issue come out on Dec. 2nd instead of the 1st and I'm glad I wrote it up that way on our production schedule). It also means I'll have a pretty busy weekend, starting when I pick up the mag tomorrow, going into having The Eames Era and Rotary Downs shows tomorrow night, working Saturday then going to Baton Rouge to start our BR distribution, dinner with a friend of Michelle's Saturday night, then perhaps going back to Baton Rouge for the Saints game on Sunday.

Next week: A New York trip for my birthday that Michelle surprised me with. We leave on Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon (my actual birthday).

The following week: A trip to Austin to do an interview for the STAPLE! DVD. I'll fly out on Friday the 16th and come back Monday the 19th, just in time to get head-deep in the Jan. AG.

Anybody in NY or Austin that wants to get together while I'm in either city? Let me know.
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