Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The December issue of AntiGravity is at the printer. Who's on the cover, you ask? A preview:

We're loaded this month, with interviews with New Orleans' own band-with-the-best-chance-to-sign-a-major label-deal, Rotary Downs, Baton Rouge's The Eames Era and Humidity Skateshop owner Steve Fontenot. We've also got a brand new monthly column, Live New Orleans by our own Jason Songe. Also on tap is a pictorial of the Voodoo Music Experience by Rotary Downs drummer Zack Smith.

Not enough? We've got the regular array of music, comic and movie reviews, new comics and more general snarkiness.

It should be out by Friday if all goes well with the printer.

Hoo hah.
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