Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm WAY overdue for an update, so here's the weekend as I saw it. Quickly, so I can get to today.

Friday night Noah and Eden came in. Noah's the Senior Editor on AG and they've been in Florida since about a week after Katrina hit. Eden's going to UF this semester for law school and they're coming back to N.O. once the semester's done. It was really nice to see them again and, sure enough, Saturday morning the previously rusted-shut cogs in my brain came to life again and I actually brainstormed editorial and design elements for AG. It's a wonder how seeing a familiar face will get you going.

We had dinner Friday night on the Westbank and Saturday we had the AG barbecue at my parents' house, which was also a good time. The beer flowed freely and we cooked up sausage, chicken and burgers. Besides Noah and Eden, AJ, Jason Songe, Santos, Brian Jones and his wife Chris came over. We had tons of good conversation, and later that night we wound up at Noah's to move their fridge out of the house.

On Sunday Jason and I went back to the hospital to watch the Saints game with Pedro. We got our asses whooped 52-3. It's the worst loss I can remember, and that's bad. To make matters worse, Deuce McAllister, pretty much the Saints' best player, blew his MCL and is out for the rest of the season. We're officially the shakiest 2-3 team in the league.

Sunday night Michelle and I met up with Noah and Eden for dinner at Port of Call, which was great. It's cool to see so many businesses opening up, even if they're not at full speed. All PoC had was burgers and potatoes, and they were on plastic plates, but the burgers are still huge and the potatoes loaded, so what else can you ask for?

Noah and Eden left to go back to Florida early Monday morning, so that's a bummer, but overall it was a pretty good weekend. I may drive to Florida soon for a weekend, just to hang out with them.
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