Sunday, September 25, 2005

Spent today watching football with friends. At this point Sundays have been the only time things feel close to normal, when we can scream at the TV and go through six packs of beer and whatever is cooked.

The Saints played the Vikings at noon and it pretty much sucked from the start. For the second week in a row they won the coin toss, elected to get the ball kicked to them and promptly fumbled it away. If that wasn't bad enough it went downhill from there. The team was down 17-0 before they scored and never led, ultimately losing 33-16 and it probably wasn't as close as the score would lead you to believe.

But we ate well, drank a lot and the Patriots (my second favorite football team since 1992) won in the afternoon so all wasn't lost. A pretty decent day, all things considered.

Yesterday my 22-year-old and developmentally disabled brother Lucas, while helping cut down a busted tree in the backyard, broke his foot in two spots when a gust of wind finished breaking the tree and it fell on his back. He's okay, the foot's in a soft cast and doesn't need a hard one, though we need to watch him for a couple weeks in case the bruising on his back puts pressure on his spleen or kidneys. He's laid up in his recliner watching TV and being waited on, so it's not so bad for him. He's had a few broken bones before, so it's nothing new for him.
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