Friday, September 23, 2005


The New Orleans area seems to be doing as well as could be expected right now. There is some reflooding in the 9th Ward and a little bit in Chalmette, the surrounding areas of N.O. hardest hit by Katrina. Everyone is evacuated from those areas, so there shouldn't be any loss of life.

Marrero is faring well. Obviously the internet is still on, as well as cable and power. I've read that officials believe some neighborhoods may lose power and the sewage system may stop working for a bit, but they're not too worried about flooding in populated areas. We've had some heavy rain and wind gusts, but nothing big, yet.

Just since I started typing I've gotten firsthand accounts of houses losing power, but it seems isolated.

Our friend Toby, who we stayed with in Houston when we first left New Orleans, is riding out the storm at his place. We're a bit worried about him. I think I'll call him now.
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