Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Saturday, September 17th (Part 4: Uptown)

Uptown New Orleans is the hub of most of my actitivies as a publisher. We go through quite a few AntiGravitys at coffeeshops, restaurants, bars and other places in that fifty block radius. It was a relief to hear that most of the area was spared flooding, and driving around Uptown reinforced how well off the area was.

That's not to say it got off easy with wind damage or looting. Many buildings had wind damage, but surprisingly few instances of trees falling onto cars or houses.

The Delachaise is a local favorite. Good wine, cheese plates, and it's where I had my first glass of Hitachino, a great Japanese beer.

A traffic light, mangled but still working.

Older buildings, especially high ones, didn't fare as well.

Most buildings ended up like Rocks Off, the official record store of AG. Damage to the overhang, but the store itself is okay.

There were very few people on the streets besides Entergy workers and clean-up crews. One place that was already open, though was Slim Goodies, a diner on Magazine St. Kappa Horn, the owner of Goodies, stopped in Baton Rouge on her way back to the city to pick up supplies. She fed several Entergy workers and soldiers who patrolled the streets. She then offered us ham sandwiches, which was great because by this time we were starving.

The restaurant itself wasn't open yet, as they were still bleaching the floors and freezers in an attempt to get rid of the horrid rotted meat smell.

Kappa was anxious to get Goodies back up and running, planning to as soon as Entergy got the power on. Unfortunately there weren't many other people around. The only other business owner we saw was Jerry, proprietor of the Rue de la Course coffeeshops. Only one of his four locations was looted, and he actually planned to have at least one of them open in the next few days.

We drove around for awhile longer, but exhaustion and a weariness from seeing so much of the city at once took over. There'd be more, for sure, but for awhile, we'd had enough.

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