Saturday, October 01, 2005

In all the mayhem I've been posting I've nearly forgotten to talk about the positive things I've seen. Here's a quick list:

--Creole Creamery on Prytania is open.

--Bywater Barbecue and that area, with Bargain Center U.S.A., Piety St. Recording, my friend Alex's house, and the area in the Bywater from the bridge up to the Quarter, is fine, with the highest waterline being less than a foot. Most places didn't even have that.

--I've heard from some people who are back in N.O. or on their way, including AG people Jason Songe, Patrick Strange and Dakota of the Witness Exchange, Zack from Rotary Downs, DC from Doctor a' Go Go / More Fun Comics...I've hung out with Brian Jones, manager of the Landmark Theatre, Ballzack and his crew, and a few other people.

--Beer. I've got some Abita Amber at the house. It's good.

--One Eyed Jacks was open last night, from what I hear.

--Um....that's about it. Still, some good is still good, right?
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