Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yesterday Les and I went back into Crescent City Comics to grab a few more things and to clean up. We went in the back way, meaning we took Carrollton (which turns into Wisner) towards Filmore, and Filmore up to Elysian Fields. The neighborhoods along Filmore are just demolished, entire blocks still wet and everywhere is muddy.

This is a shot from just over the canal.

After we cleaned up the shop we went towards my friend Dereck's dad's house. His dad stayed behind for the storm and wound up being rescued from his roof. Here's an outside shot of that house. I can imagine what the inside looks like.

We went by our friend Derrick Wells' house, which is a few minutes from the shop. Les had spoken to him last week and Derrick expected to be able to save around 25% of his stuff because he only expected a foot or two of water in the house. He had 3,000 CDs and over 300 DVDs, as well as who knows how many toys and whatnot. This is the shot from the front of the house.

I don't feel comfortable posting the pictures of inside the house because he hasn't even seen it yet. His room looks like my house, but in a smaller space.

The sad thing is that when we were on the phone with him he just couldn't believe what we were telling him. He still expects to salvage something, and even though I've been through the same thing the only explanation I could give him is that words and even pictures cannot set a person up for the actual sight itself. I'm sure I'll talk to him after he sees his stuff.
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