Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Also yesterday, Michelle and I went to Barnes and Noble. I decided that I'd buy a couple books to restart my collection, so I got Bill Simmons' NOW I CAN DIE IN PEACE, which is about last years's Boston Red Sox championship run, Neil Gaiman's ANANSI BOYS, which I'm not quite sure the plot of, and rebought Michael Chabon's KAVALIER AND CLAY. Simmons is a favorite writer of mine who, oddly enough, came to my attention a few years ago when, in an ESPN column covering the 2001 Super Bowl, the city of New Orleans bashed him for saying that Bourbon Street stinks. Which it does. KAVALIER AND CLAY is one of my favorite books, so I figured rebuying that wasn't so bad.

Of course, I immediately kicked myself for not rebuying my favorite book ever, A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. My well worn copy was ruined in the flood, and I seem to reread that book every couple years, so it wouldn't have been a bad purchase. Next time.
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