Friday, December 30, 2005

The new issue of AG is at the printer. After getting about 3 hours sleep over two days, it's done.

Note the slightly different logo. The cover theme is from our Best Of '05 pieces, which are completely unscientific and left up to the whims of our staff's opinions.

It should be out on Monday, if all goes right.
It was three weeks ago, but I'm finally posting some photos of my trip to New York. The post below is all about the bass ackwards way we got to New York, if anyone's interested.

The two full days we spent in NY (Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th) were disjointed a bit. In one way it was nice to be in a city that had its shit together after being in New New Orleans for three months. Of course, the corollary to that is that it was also depressing as hell to be in a city with its shit together when our home was struggling to get the streetcars running.

Anyway, I refrained from taking too many pictures because I never want to be THAT GUY in New York, staring in the sky and holding up foot traffic, but we nonetheless snapped a few. We stayed in Astoria, which is in Queens, and on Saturday we took a train into Manhattan and walked around. We stopped at Midtown Comics, which is just outside of Time Square. It's a great comic shop, two stories and just full of neat stuff. I grabbed some indie comics I couldn't get in New Orleans and we doubled back to Jim Hanley's Universe, where I did more of the same. We walked all the way down to Grenwich Village and wound up in a pretty neat coffee/wine shop before walking the 40 blocks back to Penn Station.

On Sunday we were to go into Brooklyn but didn't have a ride to the subway and instead decided to be lazy and go back to Manhattan. We hopped on the train again and went to see the tree in Rockefeller Plaza. It was quite unimpressive. Huge, yes. Impressive, not so much since it was decorated in only white lights. We did a bit of shopping, including stopping in the ESPN Zone to catch up on some scores (I was happy to find the Pats beating the Bills pretty handily).

On to the pictures:

This is the view from our hotel room. It's real snow!

We stopped for lunch at a random pizzeria (the pizza wasn't so great, but the lasagna I had was pretty good) and I had to take a picture of their directions in case of emergency.

A picture of us near Grenwich Village. Not bad, considering I took it, right?

Sunday night we stayed with some friends of Michelle's and watched some NY public television, including a talent show put together by some Spanish guy. He had a few women with mediocre talent lip sync to songs, and this Karen America woman was just crazy.

And that about sums it up. Monday morning we got on our flight to come home and that went off without a hitch, fortunately.

Final thoughts? New York is okay, but it's a case of "nice place to visit..." I'm just a New Orleans boy at heart, I guess.
Just when I thought the packages from the Comic Geek Speak guys ceased, I get another one from Bob (I threw the wrapping away before grabbing the address, sorry), full of more cool stuff.

Old comics, which I love, and an Ultimate X-Men trade that I actually had before the flood. All great stuff, so thanks, Bob!
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