Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be in New York," you ask?

Nah, I'm back in the outskirts of New Orleans, though not by choice. Hold on, hold on, let me get something out of my system...


There, I said it. As to why I'm home and not in New York (we actually should've touched down at LaGuardia about an hour ago), it's because Delta inexplicably switched our arranged flight to Cincinnati to Atlanta, which was no big deal until the Atlanta flight was pushed back from 4:15 to 6:15, meaning that we would then miss our connecting flight to New York. Put us on another connecting flight, you're thinking? It would make total sense, except that the A T L had no flights to NY leaving until 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, meaning we'd not only have to spend the night in Atlanta but putz away half the day before getting into NY at 9 p.m, leaving us with a solid day to spend before coming home.

With no other airline flying to New York (and a JetBlue flight not only being booked solid but costing $310 one-way anyway), we finally switched our flight until tomorrow at 2 and our return flight to Monday afternoon, meaning we get the full two days in New York we planned for, but we won't be back in time to celebrate my birthday at home. Which is not a really big deal, I guess. Theoretically, I'll have other birthdays.

As to why we were bumped from our Cincy flight and why our Atlanta flight was delayed, who knows. All I know is my flight to Houston next Friday is through Continental and I'll never fly Delta again, if I can help.

And, for Dereck and Purnell (who I ran into at the airport, fittingly enough)..."DELTA...WE LOVE TO FLY, AND IT BE SHOWIN' LIKE A MOTHERF**KER!!"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not much new to report here, but the new AG is 95% out there. There are still a few spots on the West Bank I need to hit (in old Algiers), as well as in the Marigny, but it's pretty much done. I'll have the hi-res .pdf on the site soon.

I leave for New York tomorrow afternoon, but our own Patrick Strange should be in BR Friday night for the Eames Era show, so look for that if you're in the ol' Red Stick.

Now it's time for work.
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